Excess Mortality Report

The Silent Toll: Highlighting the Surge in Non-Covid Excess Mortality Amongst the Young and Exploring Potential Causes

The Pandemic is now a memory, yet non-Covid deaths continue to rise, for reasons the UK’s top healthcare authorities are unable to explain. The UK government’s own data shows Excess Mortality spiked most significantly among young people in 2022 and 2023, and shows a substantial increase in deaths due to heart failure during the same period – in 2023 alone, 7 times more people died unexpectedly, for reasons unrelated to COVID, than died in the single worst night of the Blitz. We provide insights into the excess mortality trends, explore potential causes, and urge a proper and broader investigation of the true root causes.

UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2022

28th January 20221 Minutes

We are delighted to have been recognised for the fifth consecutive year as one the ‘UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2022’ by the Financial Times.   

Recommended across 8 categories and with our first Gold Award, the annual rating, compiled with data company Statista is based on endorsements by clients and peers and demonstrates our consistent year on year sector and service line growth.

Consulting companies are awarded Bronze (recommended), Silver (frequently recommended) or Gold (very frequently recommended).

Sectoral expertise

  • Construction & Infrastructure – Gold
  • Financial Services – Silver
  • Public & Social Sector – Silver
  • Healthcare – Bronze

Consulting services

  • Digital Transformation – Silver
  • Operations & Supply Chain – Silver
  • Strategy – Silver
  • Sustainability – Bronze

Managing Partner Andrew Morgan said

We are absolutely delighted to see the continued progression of Curzon, competing alongside some major consulting brands.  I am so proud of the team, and this emphasises their commitment and dedication to deliver tangible results for our clients in a range of markets through strategic, operational and transformation delivery.


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Procurement Sustainability - Scope 3 carbon emissions

Did you know that...

Countries will have to submit detailed and ambitious carbon-cutting plans by the end of 2022

Scope 3 emissions can represent Up to 90% of a business total carbon emissions

Actively addressing carbon emissions and sustainability provide a clear competitive advantage and generate additional revenue


Need help to reduce your supply chain carbon emissions?

Check out our short video and find out how!

Want to know more and receive a Scope 3 information leaflet?

Our Scope 3 emissions calculation methodology allows you to identify emission reduction opportunities within your supply base

Assessing scope 3 emissions from your supply base shouldn’t and cannot be reduced to a calculation methodology only

(click the image below for further detail)

Not only we will apply our unique calculation methodology to assess the carbon emissions coming from your supply base, we will also deconstruct your product/service process to create the transparency required to run the assessment. We will then look at the results, identify opportunities, define the right strategy and engage with your supply base to ensure your goals are achieved

We have been helping our customers to identify and address their Scope 3 GHG emissions. Through a stepped approach, we create transparency on all procurement related Scope 3 upstream and downstream emissions

Curzon will support you on each step of the journey, from defining the scope of the project to engaging with your suppliers once opportunities have been identified

Our dashboard will bring Scope 3 emissions transparency in each component

We can also help on scope 1 & 2

With our methodology, you will be able to compare emissions generated by your supply base for each product or service that your company is selling

The illustration below, created for a healthcare institution (hospital) gives you an indication of what the outcome of our assessment could be. Please move your mouse over the picture for more information - all numbers are fictive and for illustration purpose only

(Select the image below for further detail)

  • This fictive hospital offer different type of services to its patients, from general surgery to orthopaedics, ophthalmology, etc.
  • Our assessment allows this hospital to assess, for each of the service offered, the total amount of carbon emissions generated each time a procedure is conducted, for example a hip surgery generates 56kg of carbon emission (Scope 3 – supply base)
  • It then allows the hospital to identify which treatment to focus on to reduce emissions and make a substantial sustainability impact, in this example hips and knees orthopaedics are highlighted in red as big contributor to the total emission

  • As we identify services or products with high carbon emissions, we can then deep dive to identify where exactly in the process, emissions are the highest
  • This could be a deep dive into the production process or In our example, we define the patient journey to hip surgery, from first appointment to last session of physiotherapy post operation
  • Our fictive illustration shows that we need to look at patient commute, work with our lab partner our theatre equipment and the knee prosthesis to make an impact

  • We also aggregate emission assessment at supplier level to identify suppliers with the highest reduction opportunities, compare similar supplier, define the reduction strategy and engage with your partner to achieve your sustainability target

The example above is just an illustration of Curzon’s expertise, applied to an healthcare example. Our expertise cover many sectors, including manufacturing

For more information on how Curzon can help your organisation in reducing Scope 3 supply base emissions, please get in touch

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Drive your sustainability strategy by assessing your scope 3 emissions!

Drive your sustainability strategy by assessing your scope 3 emissions!

Procurement Value Assessment

  • Opportunity assessment: quantitative analysis, price benchmarking, contract analysis & baselining
  • Stakeholder engagement & business requirements/specifications
  • Market analysis & supplier capability assessment
  • Sourcing strategy & sourcing plans
  • Program set-up, governance, PMO & change management

  • Value-based supplier selection.  Price vs Value (quality, service, innovation, sustainability, etc.)
  • Quick wins (short term results), tendering, market reviews, e-sourcing
  • Suppliers negotiations
  • Demand management, Buy vs. make (outsourcing), the total cost of ownership approach
  • Process improvement

Redefining the procurement supply chain


Our added value lies in ensuring Business Stakeholders support a successful implementation


  • Stakeholder’s pro-active engagement
  • Requirements and specifications definition, stakeholders’ feedback and recommendations
  • Change management process designed through our sourcing initiatives
  • Challenge needs vs. wants


We take our customers through the full procurement journey, from stakeholders’ engagement to implementation to ensure benefits remain sustainable


  • Sourcing Communication,
  • Sourcing Implementation monitoring
  • Compliance (Price, Supplier) & Maverick Buying
  • Savings Tracking & Reporting
  • Supplier performance Tracking
  • Procurement Team and Business stakeholders’ capability building
  • Business Stakeholder “education”

If your need help turning your procurement function into a profit creator and market differentiator, get in touch.

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Contact our Procurement service line lead,Stephane Boroncelli, to find out more

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Procurement Maturity Assessment

Ensuring Procurement generates value to the business

Impactful assessment

Through the evaluation of Procurement, assessing the teams status quo, applying industry benchmarks, and aligning the function against best practice, will ensure any value delivered above and beyond cost savings benefits remain sustainable.

  • Procurement assessment piloted against 8 dimensions, from organisational set-up to procurement processes
  • Comparative analysis to industry benchmark and best practice
  • Quantitative analysis performed on all external expenditure
  • Qualitative assessment of the procurement function, through key stakeholders interview and staff assessment
  • Spend transparency, including spend categorisation
  • Procurement Maturity assessment & price benchmarking

Curzon’s assessment methodology

Our assessment methodology measures the function across all aspects of procurement providing insights in key strategic areas.

(click image to expand)

  • Does the organisation manage its suppliers and contracts effectively? Are we an attractive account?
  • How does the supply base perform? What competitive advantage do they bring to the company?
  • How do suppliers and the organisation work together to bring additional value and improvement?

  • Do we have efficient processes, systems & tools to support advanced procurement activity?
  • How does the organisation use advanced analytics to generate fact based approach?

  • Can the organisation demonstrate a prudent and well-planned approach to defining its supply needs?
  • What role does procurement play in defining requirements, in influencing needs and challenging status quo?

  • How does Procurement compare to similar organisations?
  • What are the Top Management expectations towards Procurement
  • Is there clear direction from Top Management?
  • Do we have the right policies and support in place to enable Procurement?

  • What level of maturity does the Procurement Organisation offer?
  • Do we have the right Procurement / Category strategy in place?

  • What is the perceived value of Procurement within the business?
  • Is there a disconnect between Procurement and the business? Why?
  • Is procurement a blocker/enabler to our sustainability, innovation strategy?
  • What has procurement delivered above and beyond savings?

  • Is the organizational structure adapted to Procurement needs?
  • Is Procurement’s size adequate?
  • Does the organisation have people with sufficient capability to ensure effective performance?
  • What are the gaps and training needs? How to increase capability and optimise category strategy

  • Does the organisation have a sound approach to assessing and demonstrating its performance?
  • What has the procurement function delivered over the last few years?
  • What are they expected to deliver in the future?

We believe Procurement should not be a barrier to improved sales, sustainability, or innovation, it should enable these.

With extensive experience in supplier value creation, supply market reviews, seller negotiations and a great track record of delivering cost savings for our clients, I have no doubt we can help you deliver substantial benefits to your organisation.

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Procurement & Sustainability


2019 Global Greenhouse gas emissions


UK greenhouse gas emissions (t)


x vs. 2019

With over 20% of the world’s largest corporates already setting net-zero targets, there are substantial expectations for all businesses to play their part and contribute to carbon emission reductions.

17% – 30%

UK business contribution (UK emissions)

Up to 80%

Supply Chain contribution vs. own operations

Supply Chain Consulting Services

We have defined a methodology enabling clients to assess their Supply Chain carbon emissions… and act on it!

The need to change and deliver these low-carbon objectives goes beyond just the legal obligations, the positive impact on a company’s reputation and the commercial benefits of addressing sustainability are far reaching.

UKs Legal commitment

  • Net-zero on all Green House Gas emissions by 2050
  • Reduce absolute carbon emissions by 78% by 2035
  • Reduce water consumption by 50%,
  • Reduce the weight of waste generated by 30%
  • Recycle 75% of waste generated by weight by 2020/21

Social Impact

  • The adoption and engagement of your sustainability agenda can positively impact brand equity and increase customer loyalty, supporting growth.
  • Use your cultural narrative to attract and retain talent

Commercial Benefits

  • Developing sustainable procurement practises allows your organisation to future proof against supply shortages and changes in social, economic and environmental factors.
  • Meeting and exceeding market demand
  • Gaining a competitive advantage

Creating an effective supply chain

We believe sustainability should not be limited to your own operations… your whole supply chain should adapt to your company’s sustainability strategy.

  • Own Carbon emissions
  • Green Energy
  • Water & waste reduction
  • Recycling, Zero waste
  • Plastic use

  • Packaging materials end of product life (recycle, close loop), circular economy

  • Transportation means, frequency distance

  • Pollution, Water, Energy consumption, Waste

  • Type of materials,, chemicals used, amount of waste, production process, carbon footprint

With the support of procurement, organisations can truly influence the overarching sustainability ambitions.

Current Situation Assessment

Establishing your sustainability status quo in critical in calculating what’s required to meet your targets

  • Evaluate the carbon footprint of your organisation
  • Consider your supply chain sustainability strategy and carbon footprint related to your company’s business
  • Assess your company’s sustainability strategy vs. procurement contribution

Sustainability Dashboard

Sustainability commitments require robust governance, transparency, and reporting metrics

  • Define sustainability KPI’s against your company’s sustainability strategy & targets
  • Develop a detailed dashboard
  • Outline and implement monitoring process
  • Describe corrective actions as necessary

Sustainability Strategy

Procurement has a major role to play to address sustainability – the procurement of goods and services makes a significant contribution environmentally, socially or economically

  • Work with your supply base to define sustainability targets and carbon footprint reduction in line with your company’s objectives
  • Monitor and track performance

Drive sustainability

We enable procurement to pro-actively drive sustainability, working with your supply chain to ensure they synchronise to support your company ambitions


Is your procurement org enabled to drive the sustainability topic



How is sustainability embedded into your procurement organisation?



Does your supply chain support your sustainability strategy?



How are you tracking against your sustainability targets ?


"Curzon have done an excellent job first assisting our Ramsay Sante business and then with Ramsay UK to strategically review our approach to procurement and spending benchmarks across our service lines. The strategy, supplier engagement, best practices and data have presented a number of enduring opportunities to strengthen our approach"

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Contact our Procurement service line lead,Stephane Boroncelli, to find out more

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Stephane Boroncelli


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As an experienced Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Transformation leader, for the last 20 years, Stephane has been helping clients take their procurement organisation to the next level.

He has delivered major engagements across the world, helping clients, to improve their bottom line while optimising value from their supply base. Stephane helps mitigate supply risks in this ever-growing word of uncertainty and align procurement strategies to business imperatives (sustainability, profitability, operational excellence, etc.)

“My vision of procurement is one where key stakeholders are fully engaged and procurement is seen as a key partner. Procurement doesn’t and shouldn’t hinder Business Optimisation, it enables it.”


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