Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant

At Curzon Consulting, we strive to be the best in the world at working with leaders to build winning organisations; achieving extraordinary results that make a real difference to their customers, clients, shareholders and communities.

As a Senior Consultant, you will help solve our clients’ problems by delivering long term tangible results through strategy, operational and digital transformation.

The Impact You Will Have

  • Focused & planned delivery: Successfully plan and deliver on a variety of workstreams, showcasing your grasp of project management methodologies.
  • Skilful Analysis: harvest robust, easy to understand and compelling data to advise our clients and get their buy-in
  • Confident Client Liaison: chair and facilitate client meetings and workshops with stakeholders of varying seniority
  • Enthusiastic & Committed Mentor: Provide coaching, training and mentorship to a fellow Consultant who is progressing in their career

We reward and recognise professional success; however, we also highly value the contribution to the development of our Consultancy culture by our consultants. To be a Curzon Consultant you must very much enjoy contributing, collaborating and making a difference together!

What we tend to find works in this role is:

  • A top-class degree in Accountancy or Business
  • Adept in advanced analytics and visualisation tools
  • Consultancy background
  • Project management, change and stakeholder management experience

Practical Requirements

  • A flexible working week may involve attending client sites, the London office and from home.
  • Salary from £57k (gross amount per annum) + competitive package

Managing Consultant

Managing Consultant

At our growing consultancy, your work is readily recognised as it directly influences our success. Your ideas, insights, and dedication shape the direction of our firm and the outcomes we achieve for our clients.

Your Impact Matters

  • Guiding Client Success: Lead client projects with a blend of strategic vision and hands-on support, ensuring our solutions meet their needs and exceed expectations
  • Building Meaningful Connections: Cultivate strong, trusting relationships with our clients, championing our approach and plans with empathy and understanding
  • Spotting New Opportunities: Bring your intuition and creativity to the table, identifying areas for growth and innovation within our client base and beyond

What We Are Looking For

  • Diverse Experience: You’ll bring at least six years of experience, either as a consultant with a proven consultant tool kit, or in various industries, with exposure to more than one  of our sectors. Namely; public sector, finance, infrastructure, manufacturing and healthcare
  • Client Connection: Your ability to build and maintain relationships, regardless of client size or industry, is key
  • Business Savvy: You’re not just about analysing complex problems; you’re passionate about turning insights into actionable strategies
  • Nurturing New Opportunities: Bring your knack for spotting opportunities to the table, whether it’s nurturing existing client relationships or exploring exciting new ventures. You look at ways to extend engagements
  • Leadership Abilities: You’ve got at least two years of experience leading teams and/or projects, and you thrive in empowering others to succeed. You are a valuable team collaborator
  • To be successful,  you will be working on multiple engagements and be a sought after Managing Consultant because you are  skilled, have commercial flair and work fantastically well in a team

Why We Stand Out

  • Personal Recognition: In our close-knit team, your efforts won’t go unnoticed. We celebrate each milestone and recognise the unique contributions you bring to our projects
  • Opportunities for Growth: As we grow, so do you. You’ll have the chance to take on new challenges, expand your skill set, and carve out your path to success in a supportive and collaborative environment
  • A Culture of Appreciation: At Curzon, we understand the importance of feeling valued. We prioritise open communication, feedback, and recognition, ensuring that every team member feels appreciated for their hard work

Practical Details

  • Flexibility: Your week may involve a mix of client meetings, time in our London office, and remote work from home
  • Compensation: Starting salary from £70k, plus bonus and a competitive package that recognises your contributions 
  • Highly desirable: Procurement experience 
  • Join us at Curzon, where you’re not just a part of the team—you’re an essential contributor to our growth and success
  • Ready to make a difference? Apply now and let’s embark on this journey together! 

Curzon Consulting partner is Category Judge for 2020 Soldiering On Awards

24th October 20192 Minutes

2020 Soldiering On Awards

Curzon Consulting Partner, Douglas Badham, is proud to be a Category Judge for 2020 Soldiering On Awards.

The Soldiering On Awards highlights the outstanding achievements of current and former service men and women, their families and those who support the Armed Forces Community. Now in their tenth year, the awards recognise inspirational people for achievements in education, healthcare, communities, diversity and inclusion, and business.

Douglas Badham said:

“I am an ardent supporter – for ten years these awards have shone a light on inspirational stories of immense challenges overcome, and stunning personal and business achievements”

Following a record-breaking number of nominations, the first round of judging has been carried out by the Category Judges.

Lt. Col. Ren Kapur MBE, Founder and CEO of X-Forces Enterprise CIC and Co-chair of the Soldiering On Awards said:

“In what has been a record-breaking year for the number of nominations received, my thanks go to our category judges for the diligence and dedication they have applied to this important step on the path to decide who will be the 2020 SOA Finalists.”

Awards timeline

There is one more stage to go, the final independent panel review at the end of November 2019, before Finalists are announced in early 2020.

The awards take place on 24 April 2020.

For more information

Find out more about X-Forces and the Soldiering On Awards


View Doug’s Category Judge profile


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Mobile stroke units - a stroke management study

17th October 20197 Minutes

Curzon Healthcare lead Chetan Trivedi has just completed an extensive study of Mobile Stroke Units (MSUs) in Australia, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Norway and the United States of America.

Our study included a detailed review of the efficacy of stroke management solutions, including the impact on economic and social costs downstream. We have also performed a detailed assessment of people, process and technology required to implement such solutions in other countries. Whilst our example shared below is focused on the UAE, a MSU can be implemented by any health system.

By adopting a Mobile Stroke Unit model, a health system can increase stroke survival rates, reduce disabilities and optimise the associated economic and social cost of care for stroke survivors through drastically decreasing “alarm-to-scan” and “scan-to-treatment” times.

Given our extensive intellectual capital (research and analysis) on the topic, we are able to develop a high-level business case within a few weeks for a local, regional or national health system.

Opportunity to Revolutionise Stroke Management in United Arab Emirates

By adopting a Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) model, the UAE can increase stroke survival rates, reduce disabilities and optimise the associated economic and social cost of care for stroke survivors through drastically decreasing “alarm-to-scan” and “scan-to-treatment” times.

1. Situation

  • There are two key types of stroke: ischemic and haemorrhagic
  • Globally, ischemic stroke is the most common, occurring 85% of the time; but whilst haemorrhagic strokes only occur 15% of the time, they are responsible for 40% of deaths
  • In the UAE, stroke is the third leading cause of death – “10,000 people suffer from stroke… every year”
  • Stroke is the “number one cause of disability” – with only “10% of victims reaching a hospital on time to make a full recovery”
  • Stroke “is estimated to cost the UAE around AED 3 billion per year, with additional cost to the economy of a further AED 4 billon in lost productivity, disability and informal care
  • The UAE had no stroke units in 2014 versus 12 in 2019, which is a major step in the right direction
  • “The average age of occurrence of stroke is 45 in UAE which is much lower than the world age of 60 years”

Stroke is a major problem for health systems

2. Complication

  • 2,000,000 brain cells/ neurons are lost every minute after a stroke, which translates to “Time is Brain”
  • The earlier the stroke patient is diagnosed and treated, the better the patient outcomes, leading to a significant reduction in total cost of treating the patient over the life of their associated disabilities

Typical traditional model for stroke treatment is:

  • Patient transported via ambulance into Accident & Emergency (A&E) or a specialist stroke unit
  • Type of stroke determined by CT scan (a stroke patient cannot be treated until the type of stroke is determined)
  • Treatment is administered based on stroke type (ischemic and haemorrhagic)

Through-out the entire process (from acute symptom onset to treatment), significant time is lost, which results in higher mortality risk and additional complications downstream

Correct diagnosis and time to treatment is crucial

3. Question

Despite great progress made in stroke intervention in the UAE in recent times, what can the UAE do to deliver transformative change to increase post stroke survival rates, reduce disabilities associated with stroke, improve patient quality of life post stroke and reduce the associated economic burden on the stroke patient, their family and wider society?

4. Solution

  • Instead of patients being transported to A&E or a specialist Stroke Unit, losing valuable time, a specialist Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) can travel to the patient to deliver emergency point-of-care diagnosis and treatment onsite
  • The Mobile Stroke Unit solution was pioneered in Germany back in 2011 and such solutions are being delivered in Australia, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Norway and the US

Key Mobile Stroke Unit attributes typically include:

  • appropriately trained emergency response team (e.g. driver, paramedic, critical care nurse and CT technician, optional Vascular Neurologist)
  • a Computerized Tomography (CT) scanner
  • a point-of-care laboratory system (e.g., serum sodium, potassium, chloride, ionized calcium, total CO2, glucose, etc.)
  • a telehealth solution, where a Vascular Neurologist and Pharmacist can video call into the Ambulance to provide guidance to the paramedic team
  • an Artificial Intelligence solution to provide on-site diagnosis to rule out stroke-like symptoms (e.g. migraines, seizures, Bells Palsy, inner ear problems etc.), which may not be related to stroke

The most important benefit of the Mobile Stroke Unit is rapid diagnosis of the stroke type and treatment with intravenous tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) can be started more rapidly if appropriate

A randomised controlled trial shows, treatment with Intravenous TPA can be started within an average of 38 minutes when patients are treated in an Mobile Stroke Unit compared with 73 minutes under the existing model

Evidence shows on-site stroke treatment improves patient outcomes

Source:; The Epidemiology of Stroke in the Middle East, El-Jha et al 2016;; The mobile stroke unit and management of acute stroke in rural settings, Shuaib and Terakihi 2018;; Curzon Consulting analysis


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