Delivering business turnaround

The issue

  • The UK business of a global construction materials manufacturer had been losing money for several years due to inefficient operations and declining sales in an industry sector experiencing extremely challenging times.
  • A full business review and improvement plan were required to stabilise the business and address the financial performance.
  • Significant cost reduction efforts had already been made to offset the declining sales and lower margins, but the business was continuing to lose money.
  • Sales lacked the basic tools and capabilities to compete effectively and operations were poorly managed resulting in over-production, an inefficient organisation and poor working practices.
  • The leadership team was highly dysfunctional and lacked the capability to define and execute a plan to address the situation.


  • Undertook a full situational analysis of the business operations and identified changes required to reverse the performance trend
  • A comprehensive change programme was designed and implemented with the full involvement of the business management team
  • Recognising that the current actions were primarily to address the initial objective of eliminating the business losses, a parallel stream of work focused on the market and development of the future strategy for the business
  • This dovetailed with the reorganisation of the commercial functions and outlined the business’s future journey to go beyond a break-even situation and achieve acceptable returns

The results

  • The programme had a significant impact on the business across all areas of the value chain and delivered a sustainable bottom-line improvement of over £5m p.a in 12 months.
  • In addition to the delivered cost optimisation actions the re-focusing and capability development work with the sales team secured a contract renewal with three principal customers and the acquisition of a new major account and stemmed the loss of any further business.
  • The new ways of working that focus on using sound management information to run the business and to action issues have taken root across the organisation. Decision making improved and continuous improvement is becoming established.
  • The Group Executive sees the step change in performance that was achieved in the timeframe as the most successful intervention of its kind across the portfolio in recent years.

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