Driving Strategic Impact: A Curzon Consulting Guide to Procurement Excellence

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As management consultants, we help clients achieve substantial cost savings and efficiencies through procurement transformations. But truly effective transformations require surmounting common challenges like limited spend visibility and stakeholder alignment.

Based on a recent engagement delivering over £5M in savings, here are our proven tips for procurement transformation success:

Optimise spend visibility

Robust spend analysis is crucial. Categorise expenditures and pinpoint top suppliers and contracts per category. Without clean baseline data, it’s impossible to identify savings levers. Advanced analytics and mining uncover hidden insights, while stakeholder interviews provide a qualitative context.

Benchmark and identify gaps

Benchmark pricing and performance versus industry best practices to reveal overpayment. Consolidate volumes for improved leverage. Deep supply market analysis uncovers alternative vendors and guides negotiations.

Strategise and priortise

Conduct opportunity assessments to inform transformation planning. Develop tailored category-specific sourcing strategies. Model potential savings scenarios and sequence initiatives based on impact, effort, and stakeholder readiness.

Secure stakeholder alignment

Amidst change, align stakeholders through clear communication and early buy-in. Identify key decision-makers and influencers. Educate on best practices and projected bottom-line impact. Procurement must shed its tactical image and be seen as a strategic function driving millions in bottom-line impact.

Relentlessly implement

With the strategy set, focus intensely on implementation. Maintain discipline in negotiations while preserving supplier relationships. Enforce contract compliance and tail spend management.

Continuously improve

Sustaining change requires continuous improvement. Redesign operating models, policies, KPIs, training, and integrate new tech and ways of working. Build analytics to monitor savings and flag waste recurrence. Institutionalising change is the hallmark of procurement leaders.

After meeting our cost-savings goals, we leveraged our award-winning assessment framework to ensure the procurement organisation’s long-term success. Our framework evaluates Procurement across five dimensions: People, Strategy, Systems, Governance, and Management. This data-driven approach identified gaps and enabled us to strategise implementing best practices. Ultimately, these steps addressed challenges, so the procurement organisation can expand its influence and be viewed as a strategic partner across all business units.

In conclusion

As trusted consultants, we overcome inertia and silos to deliver rapid yet lasting transformation. With deep expertise and cross-industry perspective, we objectively assess opportunities, align stakeholders, and implement best practices. The result is simplified sourcing, lower costs, reduced risks, increased efficiency, and strategic impact.

Let us conduct an initial diagnostic for your procurement organisation. We will benchmark performance, identify savings levers, and provide a roadmap to deliver value.

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Preetesh is a management consultant and technology expert with over 6 years of experience driving digital transformation and innovation initiatives at global corporations. He began his career at Cisco Systems, where he managed the development and delivery of smart manufacturing solutions. By spearheading the global synchronisation of smart manufacturing platforms, Preetesh enabled significant cost savings through operational efficiency.

Most recently, Preetesh worked as a consultant supporting executive leadership across industries, including technology, financial services, and not-for-profit. He led market research, performed statistical analyses, and identified strategic partnerships to enable successful market entry strategies. Preetesh also created valuation models for sustainable investment products and supported the development of go-to-market plans.

With an MBA from the University of Manchester, and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering, Preetesh brings a data-driven yet pragmatic approach to consulting projects. He leverages his expertise in data analytics, machine learning and technology to drive organisational transformation and inform executive decisions. Preetesh is passionate about innovation and holds certifications in leadership and communication. In his free time, Preetesh enjoys reading on current geo-political affairs, and watching Formula 1 and cricket.


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