Delivering Transformational Change and Building Capability across large-scale infrastructure programmes, transport & utilities

Recognised in the Construction & Infrastructure and Energy, Utilities & Environment sectors in the Financial Times UK’s Leading Management Consultants Awards.

We offer Infrastructure consulting to businesses across transport, utilities & public sector to unlock operational, commercial, and human opportunities associated with growth, performance & innovation.


We understand the right moves to make, when, and how to implement them to drive tangible results. By focusing on our client’s core strategic priorities we deliver change that sticks whatever the prevailing conditions.

We are passionate about critical thinking and challenging conventional wisdom.

Our ideas are nurtured collaboratively ensuring solutions are owned from the outset and deliver measurable and lasting outcomes.


We lead commercial and operational transformations with a tangible impact including EBITDA margin improvement, top line growth and organisational capability improvement.

Using our wealth of experience in and across sectors we identify and realise value creation opportunities in an increasingly complex environment of supplier ecosystems, sustainability and social value agendas


We help clients navigate technological disruption to build sustainable, digitally driven businesses enabled by innovation, business information modelling, process digitalisation, agile engineering and advanced analytics.

We design, implement and accelerate operational and digital transformation through people. We create new capabilities and harness the power of your people to build a digital ready and engaged culture, turbocharge leadership and implement futureproof operating models.

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The net zero journey: Routemap or compass

Where is the water industry now and how do we get to our destination?

In our CN0 water insights, Lanre Akinbolajo who’s just completed his internship with Curzon Consulting as part of his MBA at the Alliance Manchester Business School explores how water companies may be starting further back than they think on the net zero road, and how they may struggle to find a way forward on process emissions in particular.

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Infrastructure after Covid-19 – when the mould is broken where do you want to be?

Competition or collaboration? Navigating change in infrastructure after Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about rapid unprecedented change. Companies have responded to imposed restrictions, people have adapted to new ways of working, and the impact on the economy, employment and productivity has been immense.

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Digital productivity management in infrastructure

The convergence of healthcare and travel

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I've over 30 years of consulting experience leading major transformation programmes and strategy assignments with major utilities, transport and civil engineering organisations.