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Countries will have to submit detailed and ambitious carbon-cutting plans by the end of 2022

Scope 3 emissions can represent Up to 90% of a business total carbon emissions

Actively addressing carbon emissions and sustainability provide a clear competitive advantage and generate additional revenue


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Our Scope 3 emissions calculation methodology allows you to identify emission reduction opportunities within your supply base

Assessing scope 3 emissions from your supply base shouldn’t and cannot be reduced to a calculation methodology only

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Not only we will apply our unique calculation methodology to assess the carbon emissions coming from your supply base, we will also deconstruct your product/service process to create the transparency required to run the assessment. We will then look at the results, identify opportunities, define the right strategy and engage with your supply base to ensure your goals are achieved

We have been helping our customers to identify and address their Scope 3 GHG emissions. Through a stepped approach, we create transparency on all procurement related Scope 3 upstream and downstream emissions

Curzon will support you on each step of the journey, from defining the scope of the project to engaging with your suppliers once opportunities have been identified

Our dashboard will bring Scope 3 emissions transparency in each component

We can also help on scope 1 & 2

With our methodology, you will be able to compare emissions generated by your supply base for each product or service that your company is selling

The illustration below, created for a healthcare institution (hospital) gives you an indication of what the outcome of our assessment could be. Please move your mouse over the picture for more information - all numbers are fictive and for illustration purpose only

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  • This fictive hospital offer different type of services to its patients, from general surgery to orthopaedics, ophthalmology, etc.
  • Our assessment allows this hospital to assess, for each of the service offered, the total amount of carbon emissions generated each time a procedure is conducted, for example a hip surgery generates 56kg of carbon emission (Scope 3 – supply base)
  • It then allows the hospital to identify which treatment to focus on to reduce emissions and make a substantial sustainability impact, in this example hips and knees orthopaedics are highlighted in red as big contributor to the total emission

  • As we identify services or products with high carbon emissions, we can then deep dive to identify where exactly in the process, emissions are the highest
  • This could be a deep dive into the production process or In our example, we define the patient journey to hip surgery, from first appointment to last session of physiotherapy post operation
  • Our fictive illustration shows that we need to look at patient commute, work with our lab partner our theatre equipment and the knee prosthesis to make an impact

  • We also aggregate emission assessment at supplier level to identify suppliers with the highest reduction opportunities, compare similar supplier, define the reduction strategy and engage with your partner to achieve your sustainability target

The example above is just an illustration of Curzon’s expertise, applied to an healthcare example. Our expertise cover many sectors, including manufacturing

For more information on how Curzon can help your organisation in reducing Scope 3 supply base emissions, please get in touch

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