The issue

  • A European headquartered global construction product manufacturing & distribution group with a C. and S. American Division located across 14 countries
  • The Division was consistently the worst performing business unit in the Group
  • Interventions from Europe had failed to address the issues and turn performance around
  • Performance was poor with an EBITDA generation significantly lower than the Group average
  • Underperformance was a consequence of a multitude of issues: poor sales disciplines, inefficient production, lack of adequate cost management and ineffective leadership
  • Previous attempts to turn the business around with other consultancies had failed
  • The challenge was not only to quickly improve performance, but to set up the business for sustainable profitable growth

What we did

  • With our Alliance Partner for C. and S. America, Curzon established a programme team to implement a comprehensive change effort
  • A focus on commercial performance including pricing management and product mix optimised the market opportunities and stopped margin give-away
  • Introduction of lean practices in manufacturing and distribution facilities improved productivity and started to tackle excess inventories
  • Organisational changes were made to reduce management overheads and to streamline support functions
  • Initiatives were piloted in country businesses and the learning was transferred to other business units through a centrally managed process to coordinate and accelerate the impact
construction curzon

The results

  • Within one year the division rose from the worst to the best performer in the Group
  • The combination of programme and other initiatives were delivering measurable bottom-line savings with a headline profitability run-rate that had tripled
  • Change was happening on a broad base and over 1000 staff across multiple countries were involved improving the business
  • Capability development and introduction of new tools, disciplines and ways of working had provided a solid platform to sustain the results

An award-winning team

Curzon consulting mca finalist 2019


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