The issue

  • With a re-focusing of the organization on energy transition and a strategic objective to grow B2C Mobility and Convenience revenue streams, the current, largely B2B, customer care service model was increasingly being asked to meet needs beyond core capabilities and capacity, putting a strain on service and cost to serve
  • With limitations on internal capability, business units have chosen to outsource services, leading to a proliferation of suppliers, models and customer experiences
  • No cohesive corporate narrative of the customer promise exists and the internal focus was on fixing service failings to reduce the noise within the organisation
  • The need for a future-proof operating model that is aligned to the projected steep growth in the B2C customer base was recognized
  • Gaining an appreciation of leading external practices in customer care delivery was considered an essential input to framing the right future state operating model 


  • Current state assessment of customer care and customer centricity capabilities against a set of standard dimensions to establish current maturity and points of commonality or difference across business groups
  • Established current state maturity of each business against an industry reference benchmark  
  • Developed design criteria to frame a future operating model and as a reference against which to benchmark external leading practices
  • Undertook competitor and cross-sector benchmarking to identify areas of Customer Care differentiation, including desktop research, expert input and interviews with Customer leaders within major organisations (both B2B and B2C).
  • Defined the priority levers to drive improved customer-centricity and articulated the linkages between the dimensions 
  • Developed an initial roadmap to outline how the Customer Care capability should evolve

The results

  • Mobilised the senior stakeholders to want to move beyond fixing performance failings in Customer Care to evolving a business-wide Customer-centric operating model
  • Delivered a customer centric maturity assessment across three representative businesses against a series of capability levers
  • Multi-industry, international benchmarking exercise, highlighting customer-centricity maturity and leading practices
  • Identification of priority levers to increase customer centricity maturity and approach options to achieve a viable system model
  • Development of a roadmap to move beyond operational fixes to a strategically customer centric approach 
Curzon consulting mca finalist 2019


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