The issue

  • Four factories on one site producing 60% of the company’s European demand for the Automotive market
  • Utilisation and performance had been in steady decline for four years and with very poor customer delivery and service performance this was seen to be a failing site
  • Local custom and practice was inhibiting opportunities to improve productivity
  • Curzon was engaged to help the Site Director achieve control and turn performance around
  • The site was achieving less than 60% OEE on its premium integrated lines
  • High inventories but of the wrong products due to lack of control of demand and production priorities
  • No performance management system in place to drive improvement
  • Disconnected Planning and Production functions causing late delivery and high costs
  • Limited management capability and lack of proactive supervision

What we did

  • Create an overall approach to transform the performance of the site involving all of the management team
  • Implement a cross-functional planning process and tools e.g. production wheels to establish a clear view of demand, delivery priorities and factory capability to deliver
  • Implement Lean capabilities on the shop floor e.g. SMED techniques, SIC and Kaizen to improve productivity and develop a sense of ownership
  • Selective capital investment in facilities (underway)
  • Implement visual performance management and supporting proactive supervisory/management processes
  • Build the capability of the local team to ensure sustainability

The results

  • Achieved in excess of 25% reduction in inventories and a significant uplift in on time delivery to distribution centres
  • Improved OEE on key integrated lines by over 20%, increasing capacity and enabling transfer of work from less productive sites
  • Built the capability of the client team to be able to complete the programme rollout successfully themselves and to sustain the initial improvements
  • Created a blueprint that can be rolled-out to other sites globally


reduction in inventories


increasing capacity

An award-winning team

Curzon consulting mca finalist 2019


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