The Infrastructure and Transport sectors play a critical role in the UK’s overall Net-Zero ambitions. The infrastructure industry controls 13% of the UK’s total carbon emissions and influences a further 37%.

55% of the UK’s carbon emissions comes from the usage of transport infrastructure. Transport is the UK’s worst-performing sector for carbon reduction, and the only sector where greenhouse gas emissions are increasing.

Our client intends to reduce its carbon emissions and support the government’s ambition to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. However, it’s investment strategy for the coming years is currently incompatible with its legal obligation to reduce its carbon. With the siloed nature of current Initiatives on capturing, measuring & reporting not being effectively geared towards carbon reduction, the introduction of some accelerators was necessary.

Curzon's approach

Curzon understands that Innovation, Digital capability and Data will play a critical role in carbon reduction. Our focus was on accelerating to Net Zero through Digital.

As part of this approach, we sought to ground future Net-Zero plans in reality. One of the most prominent challenges faced by our client’s business (and the wider industry) is efficiency across the asset management lifecycle. We took a deeper look into the digital enablement of productivity.

There is an entire spectrum of on-site productivity management capability areas that can be enhanced through the new or improved application of digital tools. Prioritisation and deployment decisions are driven by functional capability assessments and a multi-dimensional review of each tool’s benefits, use in increasing on-site productivity, deliverability and scalability. Moving forwards, tools can be identified/developed/assessed and their prioritisation should be influenced by what they offer from a carbon reduction perspective.

smart manufacturing


We identified a select number of productivity enabling digital tools that can be scaled to offer substantial heavy-duty vehicle performance, load management and fuel efficiency benefits that will have a significant carbon reduction impact.

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