Intelligent CX

Improve customer value through digitally enhanced customer experience

Intelligent CX

Improve customer value through digitally enhanced customer experience

digital transformation

We have seen rapid digitalisation and change in customer expectations over the past few months. Companies need to further build on customer-focused AI powered technologies and organise themselves in such a way that they are ready to deal with future surprises. This requires re-evaluating operating models, service excellence, employee satisfaction and new ways of measuring success. We help you to strategise, operationalise, automate and transition to achieving excellence in customer experience.

We have expertise in

CX excellence

We help our clients to define and design what Customer Success means to them in this Hyper Digital Omni Channel world. We can define or refine their North Star, their OKRs and their Customer Acquisition, Engagement and Lifecycle Management strategies. In addition we use the latest thinking around Service Design to build an Agile service Operating Model and Customer Goal Maps. This helps our clients to build financial and human capital in the ever changing customer space.

Customer operations

We review, design, enhance and transform our client’s customer operations (end to end front and back office operations – Inhouse, Outsourced, Remote). This includes design and development of their Omni channel operations and creating an Omni Channel workforce. We work through their End to End processes and enhance their capabilities / performance Team by Team.

AI powered CX

We help our clients build and enhance their technology / digital roadmaps based on their customer focus, needs and priorities.  We are also the glue that brings our clients and their AI/IA/Analytics partners together effectively. We help our clients ensure that their priorities/ requirements/ customer needs are truly reflected in their technology solutions delivered either through their internal or external partners.

Transition to excellence

We help companies to make change that sticks. Our experienced team helps to design and deliver transformation programmes with minimal disruption to customer experience and large buy in from internal stakeholders. Our special capabilities in managing transition to new operating models or a changing operational reality (inhouse/ outsourced/ onsite/ remote environments) ensures our clients keep their Customer Promise.

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