The issue

  • Unprecedented customer growth & branch expansion coupled with focus on improving service delivery and customer satisfaction placed pressure on our client to deliver greater and more complex change
  • A need to improve the architecture and governance of business process change
  • To ensure change management is ready and optimised for successful delivery of current and downstream change demand
  • Rapid growth brought complexity & uncertainty
  • There was a need for tightly defined governance mechanisms supported by a standardised way to adhere to change

What we did

  • Designed framework for a multilevel business change process architecture to facilitate effective governance
  • Translated the framework into a new change management model with new working practices & Balanced Scorecard
  • Consistent communication and deployment in line with organisation’s need

The results

  • Building blocks in place for bank to deliver its growth strategy securely
  • Reduced change backlog
  • Change management framework to drive sustainable change and maximise results implemented across bank operations
  • Agreed metrics/KPIs at selected organizational levels including baselines and targets

An award-winning team

Curzon consulting mca finalist 2019


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