After a challenging year during which financials have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, our client launched an ambitious strategic initiative aiming at becoming more efficient, going back to growth and delivering sustainable value to Consumers and Doctors.

Curzon Consulting was instructed to conduct a full Procurement Organisation Review & Spend Opportunity Assessment

Curzon's approach

Curzon conducted a complete review of the procurement function. It included a quantitative part aiming at identifying cost savings opportunities and a qualitative part aiming at assessing the maturity of the organisation and value delivered to the business.

Quantitative Assessment

  • Cleaned and categorised spend data
  • Provided full spend transparency, baselined spend, volume and unit cost by category, supplier and hospital
  • Conducted Category deep dive for each key category, identifying opportunities and sourcing levers
  • Identified and quantified savings potential via internal and external benchmarking
  • Prioritised source plan with savings targets by spend category
  • High level 3-Year business plan

Value/Maturity  Assessment

  • Assessed procurement organisation against best practices in 8 dimensions.
  • Quantitatively and qualitatively assessed the procurement team, conducted time analysis, salary benchmark & reviewed performance
  • Business Partnering and perceived value : Interviewed key business stakeholders across all divisions, engaged with all Board Members to collect feedback and clarify expectations
  • Assessed procurement influence across all spend areas,
  • Defined and costed new (to-be) procurement organisation


  • Identified broken links between Procurement and the Business : Procurement was perceived as a tactical team, good for tactical negotiations, but rarely involved in any strategic discussions.
  • As a consequence, procurement was able to influence only a small part of non-strategic spend
  • Curzon worked with the Senior Management Team and Key Stakeholder to define Business expectations and open the door to Strategic Procurement.
  • Assessed existing Team, identified Gaps and suggested adequate procurement profiles
  • Designed new procurement organisation, including sizing and targeted organisation costs
  • Review external spend across 20+ categories
  • Assessed procurement effort to category management, applied benchmarks and identified opportunities
  • Identified substantial cost savings opportunities, leading to multi- £m cost savings
  • Defined 3 years implementation plan, leading to more than 80% of the external being addressed.
  • Curzon was engaged for the implementation phase of Procurement Transformation

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