10th July 20205 Minutes

‘Glocal’ consulting network for the future

Curzon Consulting is a citizen of international consulting network Nextcontinent. The network has 7,600 professionals, generates US $1 billion and is present in 40 countries. Created less than 10 years ago, Nextcontinent is already ranked among the top 15 consulting networks in the world.

Its 17 citizens – independent consulting firms – have just reelected Francis Rousseau, Chairman and founder, and François Pouzeratte, General Manager – to head this “consulting network for the future”.

The mission of this multi-local and multi-skills player is to help major international clients on a global scale.

Nextcontinent governance until 2023

Francis Rousseau, Chairman and founder of Nextcontinent, and François Pouzeratte, General Manager, have been elected for a new three-year mandate (2020-2023).

Thanks to the strong commitment of the team and the successful expansion and development of the network, the 17 citizens have unanimously voted in favor of the renewal of this Governance, which will be reinforced by the creation of a new Business Community Leader Committee.

New Nextcontinent member firms

Over the last 12 months, 5 new citizens joined the network:

  • Matrix Consulting, HQ in Chile, strategy consulting company, 100 employees
  • Paradigma, HQ in Argentina, management consulting company, 250 employees
  • DMW, HQ in the UK, IT strategy consulting company, 140 employees
  • Prospectus, HQ in Ireland, management consulting company, 7 employees
  • Point B, HQ in the US, management consulting company, 1,000 employees
  • Visagio, HQ in Brazil and Australia, management consulting company, 500 employees

About Nextcontinent

After seven years, Nextcontinent is a worldwide consulting network, with more than 7,600 professionals generating US $ 1 billion and present in 40 countries (Europe, Americas, Asia and Middle East). Nextcontinent, a multi-local player and multi-skills network (from consulting to engineering) is now ranked among the top 15 consulting networks in the world.17 independent consulting firms, each with a leading position in their respective countries, decided to join forces to create an ambitious international project aimed at helping major international clients on a global scale. Called a “consulting network for the future,” Nextcontinent is a new type of organization.

The vision of Nextcontinent is to keep on growing to act among the major international consulting players. For that, the new three-year project aims at strengthening the cooperations and the value delivered by the professional teams locally and globally.

Nextcontinent offers a global perspective in all economic areas, with a large portfolio of expertise – Strategy & Management Consulting, Engineering, Digital & IT, Human Resources & Coaching – shared and developed in its Business Communities. The Business Communities are comprised of international teams of partners and managers that share a common goal: to satisfy clients globally and locally through their obsession with innovative products and high-quality results. Business communities are fully business-oriented and work on key business issues for the future. They publish international studies, position papers and value new ideas. They are also the place for knowledge sharing and developing new methodologies and innovative techniques.

François Pouzeratte said:

Nextcontinent is a world-wide consulting network, based on the mutual desire to work together, or affectio societatis, trust and open mindedness rather than capital gain or other transactional or financial approaches. The 7,600 professionals from our 17 citizens work together on what is useful for society today and what will be meaningful in tomorrow’s world. Companies will have to adapt their strategies to people and not the other way around. The bottom-up will replace the top-down. The post-Covid economic crisis, which promises to be severe and lasting, should further enhance the uniqueness of Nextcontinent. Our network is a human network, with Citizens who place people at the heart of organizations. It is this DNA that our customers – including major global companies – appreciate”

The next Partners Meeting, with more than 100 partners, will focus on the future of work, linked to the future of mobility.


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