30th September 2020

As pharma start-ups mature from R&D organisations into commercial ventures, they need to establish governance, controls and disciplines across their operations. John Mason, Manufacturing & Engineering Services Partner at Curzon Consulting explores market expansion and operating model maturity.

Market expansion

Pharma companies should deploy a scalable and repeatable go-to-market approach to guide, accelerate and assure commercial expansion.

The benefits are:

  • Identify, manage and reduce operational, commercial and regulatory risk
  • Independent review and challenge of expansion plans and strategies
  • Decrease duplication, rework and capability gaps

Operating model maturity

Reduce compliance and performance risks through improved governance, controls and disciplines across the footprint. The benefits include:

  • Clarity on investment priorities
  • Standardised, effective and efficient ways of working
  • Rapid deployment of back office services
  • Simplified data and systems landscapes

Programme management

Deploy robust disciplines, tools and capabilities to drive efficient and effective commercial expansion programme. The benefits are:

  • Balance agile ways of working with quality, discipline and challenge to optimise outcomes
  • Access tried and tested programme management toolkit and capabilities
  • Grow organisational skills and capabilities
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