The issue

  • Pressure to increase efficiency in their claims due to rising medical costs
  • Large variation in costs between suppliers and across the UK
  • Lack of structured routing for members to effective treatments and cost efficient providers across hospitals, clinics or doctors
  • Poor cost control with growing pressure to tackle medical costs due to rising claims and pressure on margins
  • Difficulty negotiating cost reductions with hospitals, and huge number of suppliers (including doctors) to manage

What we did

  1. Initial project to identify opportunities for cost reduction for specific saving target (£16 million in year)
    – Developed and prioritised 14 opportunities
    – Integrated milestone plans to achieve savings that year
  2. Second phase project to extent treatment pathway opportunity (MSK) and develop new treatment pathways
    – Identified possible treatment pathways in major medical treatment areas
    – Developed and communicated a new analytical methodology to understand spend variance, behaviour across specialists, by hospital and pathway
    – Collaborated with medical experts to develop care journeys to triage, treat and follow up
    – Business cases developed to support cost effective pathways roll out
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The results

  • £16 million in cost savings in year identified and resource planning completed to ensure in year delivery
  • Identified a solid saving of up to £36 million cumulatively over three years via medical pathways
  • Trained out how to use new analytical methodology
  • Delivered relevant and valuable research (internal / external) to underpin treatment pathways including medical studies, historic analysis and case studies of implementation


cost savings identified


savings identified cumulatively over three years via medical pathways

Curzon consulting mca finalist 2019


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