We help our clients to define winning strategies. This can span strategy analysis, definition, validation and deployment planning across functions or whole organisations. We solve strategy challenges for organisations seeking to enter new markets, considering M&A activity, investing in digital or wanting to grow. We were recommended for Strategy in special report ‘UK Leading Management Consultants 2023’ by Financial Times and Statista.

Growth is the ever-present challenge for senior executives. Achieving it in a way that does not trade off profitable growth for top-line growth, and is sustainable in the market rather than a temporary bounce, and does not diminish your ability to react nimbly to breaking risks and opportunities….well, it’s difficult. It demands rounded and incisive strategy thinking:

  • setting a compelling future vision of where the growth has to take you
  • defining a stretching yet achievable ambition
  • designing a bold but pragmatic strategy through which the desired growth is most likely to be successfully converted and maintained
  • validating strategy against the realities of your market, competitors, organisation and stakeholder priorities
  • understanding what it will take to make the strategy the new operating and in-market reality, and how to best fill the gaps
  • articulating the strategy for Board alignment and approval

At Curzon Consulting, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to create winning strategies for accelerated growth, backed by solid business cases and pressure-tested rationale. We start in different places depending on our clients’ particular situations and needs. Whether that be formulating an all-business growth strategy from the ground up, or refreshing an area strategy such as customer or sales and distribution, or where growth is going to derive from new market entry or inorganic sources, or providing refinement and sharpened articulation of an emerging strategy design…we are an expert and trusted partner in navigating to the right paths to growth.

What’s more, we are famous for helping our clients then get that tricky pivot from good strategy into great execution right, drawing on our practice’s 20 years of transformation design and delivery expertise.

In an ever-evolving world driven by constant technological advancements, the need to embrace digital transformation has become imperative for businesses across all industries.

Simply digitising existing analogue processes and business models is no longer sufficient to keep-up with competitors. New, digitally-first competitors are entering adjacent markets and disrupting traditional means to differentiate.

Curzon drives transformation and helps businesses flourish and grow by bringing together the capabilities needed to thrive in the digital age. We help our clients become data literate and to drive decisions off powerful insight while maintaining focus on achieving desired business outcomes using data and technology as practical enablers without constraint.

Each organisation is unique, with its own distinct culture, challenges, and aspirations. That’s why our approach is never a one-size-fits-all. We immerse ourselves in your business, gaining a profound understanding of your processes, strengths, and pain points. We unlock your potential to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer engagement, and create new revenue streams.

Curzon has a number of strategic partnerships with “tech providers” with whom we work in a support and implementation capacity while remaining platform and application agnostic in assessing a client’s digital and data strategy and requirements.

However, the digital transformation journey is not just about technology—it’s about people. Engaging and empowering your workforce is paramount to driving lasting change. We foster a culture of innovation and agility, equipping your teams with the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to embrace the digital future. Together, we create an environment that encourages collaboration, experimentation, and continuous learning—a fertile ground for the seeds of transformation to flourish.

digital transformation

We have seen rapid digitalisation and change in customer expectations over the past few months. Companies need to further build on customer-focused AI powered technologies and organise themselves in such a way that they are ready to deal with future surprises. This requires re-evaluating operating models, service excellence, employee satisfaction and new ways of measuring success. We help you to strategise, operationalise, automate and transition to achieving excellence in customer experience.

We have expertise in

CX excellence

We help our clients to define and design what Customer Success means to them in this Hyper Digital Omni Channel world. We can define or refine their North Star, their OKRs and their Customer Acquisition, Engagement and Lifecycle Management strategies. In addition we use the latest thinking around Service Design to build an Agile service Operating Model and Customer Goal Maps. This helps our clients to build financial and human capital in the ever changing customer space.

Customer operations

We review, design, enhance and transform our client’s customer operations (end to end front and back office operations – Inhouse, Outsourced, Remote). This includes design and development of their Omni channel operations and creating an Omni Channel workforce. We work through their End to End processes and enhance their capabilities / performance Team by Team.

AI powered CX

We help our clients build and enhance their technology / digital roadmaps based on their customer focus, needs and priorities.  We are also the glue that brings our clients and their AI/IA/Analytics partners together effectively. We help our clients ensure that their priorities/ requirements/ customer needs are truly reflected in their technology solutions delivered either through their internal or external partners.

Transition to excellence

We help companies to make change that sticks. Our experienced team helps to design and deliver transformation programmes with minimal disruption to customer experience and large buy in from internal stakeholders. Our special capabilities in managing transition to new operating models or a changing operational reality (inhouse/ outsourced/ onsite/ remote environments) ensures our clients keep their Customer Promise.

Questions we address through discovery, design and delivery

Achieving customer success in a post digital channel-less environment

  • What does customer success mean? How is it measured?
  • What Service Operating Model will support customer success?
  • How to be ahead of the game – readiness and preparedness for the future​
  • How to design your operating model with customer being at the centre (service design)

Operationalising customer success

  • How to serve the customers in the channels of their choice?
  • How to build a truly omni channel experience across voice, messaging, chat, social, web, bots, email etc.?​
  • How to enhance performance across the teams and across the processes?​
  • Which queries to automate and eliminate vs. invest in/resource up?

Delivering value from technology

  • What, why and how to digitise / automate customer and employee experience?​
  • Where to start, what to prioritise and how to maximise value thereby enhancing the service operating model?​
  • How to deliver in an agile manner with customer being at the centre?​

Delivering transformation in a way that sticks

  • How to deliver change/transformation programmes effectively with a results driven approach?
  • How to transition to new ways of working/operating models?

How we help

Delivering real results is what we pride ourselves on. Read a selection of our case studies to see what we have achieved, together with our clients.

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