1. Technology Savvy

  • Customer facing and employee facing technologies deployed - Platform solutions, KM/learning solutions, workforce management solutions, case management solutions.

2. Effective Operations

  • How do the current processes, interfaces, operations, performance metrics etc. ensure Customer Centricity and cost-efficiency. How work is executed and how information flows across levels
  • Analytics, measurements and motivators, performance management, customer satisfaction, KPIs, value add measurement, customer data, transaction success, rewards.

3. Customer Centricity

  • How Customer Centricity is ensured e.g. frontline empowerment, authorisation limits, multi-skilling, customer journey understanding, collaboration practices, query ownership, etc.

4. Employee Centricity / culture

  • Employee engagement, employee development, incentivisation, tenure and churn rate, employee satisfaction, advocacy, career path, motivation levers, working with purpose, diversity and inclusion

5. Omnichannel

  • Omnichannel vs Multichannel environments, channel strategy, channel shift initiatives, self-service capabilities

6. Agile Organisation and Governance

  • Structure, Spans of Control, Ratios, R&Rs, Hybrid workforce.
  • Sourcing Options - Insourced vs Outsourced vs Near shore vs Flex
  • How is the Customer Care operations managed globally. Centralised vs. localised vs diffused governance structures for managing the Customer Care Operations

7. Value Add

  • How the Customer care function adds value to the business
  • How the operating models supports and promotes corporate objectives for sustainability, safety and social responsibility

8. Future Proofing

  • Sustainable growth (not a linear cost increase), Innovation, Continuous Learning